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Dr. McGrath is a skilled podiatrist who specializes in various areas including medical care, wound care, orthopedics, and surgery. With a lifelong passion for athletics, he practices what he preaches by emphasizing the benefits of diet and exercise to his patients. Dr. McGrath's athletic background includes playing soccer from a young age through college, and he has completed over 40 triathlons, ranging from sprints to half ironman distances.

At home, Dr. McGrath is a devoted father to six children. Together with his wife, Bridget, they strive to teach their children the importance of balance in life, encompassing the spirit, mind, and body. Leading by example, Dr. McGrath believes that actions speak louder than words. He stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in podiatric medicine and surgery, incorporating cutting-edge techniques such as stem cell therapy, shock wave therapy, platelet-rich plasma injections, advanced wound care methods, the latest foot surgery techniques and fixation methods, joint arthroscopy, and minimally invasive procedures whenever suitable.

To continuously enhance his knowledge, Dr. McGrath actively attends numerous seminars throughout the year. For the past 23 years, he has been an Attending at St. John's Hospital in Yonkers, where he contributes to a current Podiatric residency program.


With two conveniently located offices, Dr. McGrath serves patients in both New York City and Yonkers, NY.

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